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Did anyone see the Amy Grant issue of CCM Magazine? She took over as guest editor, so it was a real treat for any AG fan. ;) I saw the Three Wishes show talked about in an article, but they didn't say when it would air. Do ya'll know? ;) Thanks. :)

These are just the pics--click on the thumbnail to see the fullsize image.

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Three Wishes will be airing this fall, on NBC.

BTW....I would like to learn to make Icons, would you be willing to help?
Sure thing! What program do you use/own? I have Paint Shop Pro 6, 7, & 8.
I am not at all sure what version of paint shop I have if at all. I have all the office programs, etc. If paint shop pro is needed and I don't have it, is there a way to copy an image/icon and paste it next to my username such as your amy grant image?
Looks like you figured it out. XD Sorry for taking awhile to get back to this. I assume you meant how to upload a user pic?